Building long-standing businesses to meaningful problems.

The HackGroup is a privately held group of brands active in various business sectors, including Community Building, Media & Events, Financial Services and Impact Investing.


Builders shape the world, HackGroup helps them get there.

Our brands exist to support the different actors in private markets with the network, insights and capital to be able to see their vision to its largest form.

You build the future, HackGroup helps you get there.

HackGroup was built under the belief that private markets provide the most efficient way to drive meaningful change to some of our most pressing problems.

Our Values

Globally Minded

Global from our founding, the HackGroup's activities today spans across 49 cities and 6 continents.


Great things require clear feedback loops, all of HackGroups are driven through close collaboration with the actors they serve.


We believe value compounds and great things take time, our businesses are privately held and profitable to create long-term impact.

Founded by

Founded by co-founders Camille Bossel, Arman Anatürk and Emilie Dellecker, and backed by a group of impact investors, Hack's mission is to build long standing businesses to meaningful problems.

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